• Tricia Glick

Help Employees Do Better by Using Scorecards

Updated: Sep 28

Scorecards are a powerful performance management tool that compares strategic goals with results and allows an organization to align performance with goals. Using scorecards has shown to be successful at all levels and across organizational units. Not surprisingly, employees do better when they know what they’re doing well and what needs improving.

Scorecards provide more sophisticated feedback than other forms such as verbal or graphic because they can offer more context for the employee. Specifically, scorecards, and their scoring system, show employees which performances have more weight, indicating behaviors that are of higher priority within their job function. Additionally, the total score that results from a scorecard allows for a measure of overall job performance. Such scores can help compare employees or make job-related decisions such as distributing bonuses or incentives.

Scorecards provide a formalized feedback system that is likely to be sustained, facilitate comparative and context-specific feedback on job-specific measures and overall job performance, and appropriately link feedback to goal setting and rewards (Griffen et al., 2019).

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