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Effective Training and Performance Management Practices

Staff training and performance management practices must be in place for all employees to successfully carry out their job responsibilities. First, staff need to be adequately trained to perform their job tasks. This training should be competency-based so supervisors know that their staff has the skills to work independently with clients. Once staff have acquired the initial skills to succeed, ongoing training and performance management practices should occur. Continuous observations and feedback are critical to understanding staff performance strengths and weaknesses. This integrity data should be used to tailor the ongoing training provided for staff performance improvement.

It is the organization's responsibility to ensure systems are in place for their supervisors to provide support to their staff. It is the supervisor's responsibility to know how well each of their staff is performing and work toward the continuous development of their repertoires.

BSTperform is a tool that supports these goals. Digital observations and assessments are completed in our system to ensure staff have the appropriate skills before working independently with clients. These same assessments are used to ensure performance is maintained after initial training. If performance deficits occur, the data will reveal what areas of ongoing training your staff may benefit from.

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