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Creating a Positive Work Culture

The work environment is so important! Especially in our field where most of the work we do, although rewarding, can be stressful. Supervisors must create a positive work culture where their employees look forward to coming to work. One way to do this is to always have the employees' best interests in mind. Supervisors - let them know you are invested in their success and that they matter to your organization!

Culture is defined as behavior that is reinforced within a work environment. There are other variables that may be included in what culture is as well, such as incorporating one's values (Building Better Businesses in ABA Podcast, Episode 24). It is critical for organizational leaders to shape their supervisor's repertoire of thinking about culture and what it means for the organization and those who work there.

From the outset of the supervisory relationship, goals should be set for the employee to work toward and achieve. Setting personal and professional goals helps to communicate that the supervisor is invested in their success. The goals also help the supervisor to get to know their supervisee so they can provide opportunities that align with those goals. Progress toward those goals should be checked regularly! Successes should be celebrated and new goals should be established when others are met.

Supervisors should check in on their supervisees regularly. This helps to communicate that they matter! A system for establishing formal and informal feedback is critical. The feedback needs to be honest so the supervisor can enact change, when necessary. When feedback is provided, genuinely listen to the responses and determine how change can be made to make the situation better. The pizza parties aren’t what is keeping staff around - it is supervisors who build a community of support by being compassionate leaders.


Building Better Businesses in ABA Podcast, Episode 24

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